Future IoT Winter School 2018 – December 11-14 in Munich

Dear students, researchers & developers,

BIG IoT is sponsoring the Future IoT Winter School from December 11- 14 in Munich Germany.

You are invited to participate in this winter school that gathers lecturers from academia and industry to teach on Internet of Things (IoT) research, discuss current challenges, and mutually develop new ideas.

Exciting lectures from leading experts from industry and academia will give you key perspectives on the Future IoT from practice.

  • You will learn about key enabling tools and methodologies for the IoT, e.g., device integration, automated orchestration, data analytics and machine learning.
  • You will have the chance to get very hands-on and build a small IoT platform with different sensor sets (e.g., air quality) and low power networking (e.g., LoRa).
  • You will learn how to crunch the collected data by applying different data analytics techniques including Machine Learning.

After a joint introduction to all topics with hands-on sessions you will continue working in teams of two on different exciting challenges.

A social event in the beautiful Munich winter will ensure maximum fun!

The registration is now open. The attendance is limited, so better decide fast!


December 11, 2018